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Enter if You Dare! It's the Odd Tonic Halloween Greetings & Gift Exchange!

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

This past winter, the Odd Tonic Community kept the new year spooky by transforming Valentine's Day into the 2nd Most Gothic Holiday of the Year! So... how could we possibly ignore Halloween? That would be a grave error.

After the living nightmare that's been this year, let's raise some spirits and share some spooky!

Send and Receive a Secret, Spooky Halloween Gift

In the vein of 'Secret Santa', Odd Tonic is organizing a Secret, Spooky Gift Exchange for Odd Tonic community members! If you sign up, you will be assigned a random Odd Tonic community member, to whom you will snail-mail a small, creative, spooky sentiment of platonic appreciation.* In return, a mysterious, random group member will do the same for you! (If an uneven number of people sign up, Maxwell and Jennifer will even the count by sending one, too!)

Just fill out the form below!

SIGN UP IS CLOSED! Thank you! Please contact Jennifer or Max

in the Odd Tonic Group, if needed.

*The Halloween exchange can be anything from a handmade card to a small, spooky craft project! (Let's agree to a budget of around $20, US dollars. Of course, you are free to spend what you like in the happiness of creating.) All gifts need to be mailed in a timely manner, so that they will be received before 10/31/20. Kindly remember, the our theme is "Classic Halloween," "Victorian Gothic," or anything that falls into Odd Tonic's celebration of "Weird History, Strange Science, and the Paranormal." Murder, true crime, and over-the-top gore are not the vibe for our Halloween exchange. Ornate poison rings are, of course, always exempt. For inspiration, visit our Halloween Craft Pinterest Board.

Sign-up closes October 5th. After that, you will quickly receive an email letting you know who to send your ghoulish gift too. (Feel free to start crafting before October 5th.)

Disclaimer: The Odd Tonic Secret Spooky Halloween Gift Exchange is not a match-making activity. It is only for light-hearted entertainment, with a platonic sentiment. Please don't be gross, nasty, or creepy-in-a-bad-way. Do not send anything potentially dangerous. (Pandemic cautions should be taken. Please be safe everyone!) If you have any questions, please Private Message Jennifer or Maxwell on Facebook!

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