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Dark and Tragically Yours, This Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

This winter, Odd Tonic reclaimed the Victorian Christmas Ghost Story. Now, we invite you, the Odd Tonic community, to keep the new year spooky by helping us transform Valentine's Day into the 2nd Most Gothic Holiday of the Year! How? With our Secret, Gothic Valentine Exchange and a free Odd Tonic e-card delivered to you on Feb. 14th! Intrigued? Read on...

If any holiday needs a Gothic overhaul, it's Valentine's Day. Why give a dozen fresh roses when, instead, you can present your Valentine with a collection of dead roses that have gathered upon the grave of your former lover, swept away by the sea 13 years ago? Now, THAT'S sentiment! And sure, candy is dandy, but nothing truly says "I only have eyes for you," than a heart shaped box filled with an exquisite selection of prosthetic glass eyes from 16th century Venice!

Don't be caught with an empty mailbox this February 14th! Or worse... be saddled with a boring, normal Valentine!

Star-crossed, romantic tragedy and passionately dark creativity can be delivered to YOU this Valentine's Day in 2 melodramatic ways:

1 ) Receive an e-Valentine from Odd Tonic

Join the Odd Tonic mailing list and Jennifer and Maxwell will email to you a deliciously dark Valentine with signature Odd Tonic flavor on February 14th.

2 ) Send and Receive a Secret, Gothic Valentine

In the vein of Secret Santa, Odd Tonic is organizing a Secret, Gothic Valentine Exchange for Odd Tonic community members! If you sign up, you will be assigned a random Odd Tonic community member whom you will snail-mail a small, creative, Gothic Valentine of platonic appreciation* and a mysterious, random group member will do the same for you! (If an uneven number of people sign up, Maxwell and Jennifer will even the count by sending a Valentine, too!)

Fill out the form below, no quill or wax seal required! If Valentine's Day is usually a dark and foreboding experience for you, make this THIS year's a kind of dark and foreboding you'll love!

NEW! Want a chance to win a Gothic box of chocolate from Odd Tonic? Just enter your email below! (No need to join the Valentines Exchange.) Winner will be contacted on February 1, 2020 by email.

*Valentines can be anything from a handmade card to a small, spooky craft project! Need motif inspiration? Try this: Odd Tonic Valentines Board. All Valentines need to be mailed in a timely manner, so that they will be received by 2/14/20, at the latest. Kindly remember, the Valentine theme is "Gothic," "Victorian Gothic," or anything that falls into Odd Tonic's celebration of "Weird History, Strange Science, and the Paranormal." Contemporary true crime, serial killers, and gore are not appropriate themes for this purposely Gothic exchange. Ornate poison rings are, of course, exempt.

Disclaimer: The Odd Tonic Secret, Gothic Valentine Exchange is not a match-making activity. It is only for light-hearted entertainment, with a platonic sentiment. Please don't be gross, nasty, or creepy-in-a-bad-way with your Valentine. Do not send anything potentially dangerous. If you have any questions, please Private Message Jennifer or Maxwell on Facebook!

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