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Maxwell & Jennifer


Retreat to the Gothic parlour with Maxwell and Jennifer! There, be enthralled by spooky and fantastic tales of weird history, strange science, and the paranormal. 


Drawn from their curated collection and choice listener 

submissions, your Ambassadors of Odd craft an enchanting and smartly polished, weekly podcast with high production value and low chit-chat. Each episode delights the mind and stirs the senses. 


They’ve been expecting you. Have a seat by the fire.

Welcome to Odd Tonic.


Odd Tonic is a weekly paranormal podcast with a variety of topics discussed per episode. Examples of past topics include: Sleep paralysis, the science of ESP, timeslips, spirit possession, and obviously cursed objects. Season One launched in March of 2019 and each episode is between 35 and 55 minutes in length. Odd Tonic is currently free to listen to and is mainly supported through listeners via Patreon, as well as Maxwell and Jennifer's personal funds. A merchandise line is on the way. Also in development are plans for additional Odd Tonic episodes for premium subscribers and a richly developed online destination to support the podcast's creative social community. 

Odd Tonic takes its subject matter and storytelling seriously, but in a warm, inviting, and playful tone. Maxwell and Jennifer's obvious passion for and delight of their topics is contagious. Themes include the startling aspects of the Unknown and Unexplainable, but focusing on the story's human aspect. After all, these events were experienced by someone.


If you are a fan of Lore, Supernatural, or Ripley's Believe It or Not! and enjoy the company of two funny, smitten hosts whose macabre romance is a bit reminiscent of The Addams Family, you may enjoy Odd Tonic. 


Odd Tonic strives to nurture a supportive community of artists, writers, odd enthusiasts, crafters, musicians, as well as anyone who identifies with, or appreciates, existence outside the norm. Affectionately self-named as “Oddlings,” the Odd Tonic community interacts daily by sharing social posts on quirky topics, personal thoughts, and friendly banter. Our engagement is amazing and welcoming! Future growth plans include building out the community to showcase our amazingly talented contributors with continued encouragement and support for “celebrating your odd.” 


Jennifer Page: A talented traditional and digital artist, Jennifer is perhaps better known as an actress in an extremely popular film series in the tabletop gaming world. This led to her becoming the official video spokesperson for several companies, including Microsoft Casual Games, and for many successful Kickstarter campaigns. She co-hosted the 2014 ENnie Awards and has been a VIP Guest at several game conventions. Off camera, Jennifer is a Social Media Manager and Visual Designer.

Maxwell Holechek: With a background in film production and theater, Maxwell utilized both during his 25 year tech industry tenure - most notably as Creative Director of the award-winning Nancy Drew adventure games. He has since returned to his roots, contracting and consulting as a writer, producer, director, and talent/spokesperson for podcasts and other emerging media.


"If the Addams Family did a podcast, this would be it."

– Neko Verlaine

"...Not your typical podcast... unique and tantalizing."

– Hour went too fast

                            "...A delightful and brilliantly produced podcast...the hosts play off each other so well..."

– Starwahley

                            "...You're in for a treat. Lovers of the podcast and series Lore will be instant fans – in fact, I like this one better even than Lore."

– greyauthor

                            "Clean enough to enjoy with the kiddos in the car, while offering plenty of brain food for a grateful driver. Love, love, love."

– EssEmCO

                            "I love this podcast... I really do feel like I've joined them in the parlour for an hour of conversation and ghostly entertainment."

– Niverian


Photography by Marc Studer.


You can easily reach Jennifer and Maxwell by emailing


Visually enhanced episodes are featured on the Odd Tonic YouTube Channel.

Odd Tonic is available on all podcast apps.

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